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Third Army Headquarters

This Army Headquarters commands all Army units in the hottest hotspots for terrorism in the world. Our design and construction efforts featured highly redundant and specialized mechanical and electrical systems for critical operations facilities.

Multiple SCIF/STO/SAP and Operations Center spaces were served by highly redundant MEP systems including: Fully independent chilled water systems serving all critical facilities. The system included independent chiller, pumps and even piping systems so any failure, even down to the individual valve or piping segment was fully backed up by alternate equipment and pathways for all critical operations spaces.

This Caddell project included the design and construction of a 362,042 SF, high-security ARCENT Third Army Headquarters complex – among the most technologically sophisticated military command and control facilities in the world. The Command Headquarters Complex occupies a 50-acre site and included design and construction of:

The ARCENT Headquarters Facility (a C2F Command and Control Facility) | A Headquarters Complex (HHC) (similar to a supporting administrative and warehouse facility combined) | A Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) | An Exterior covered equipment hardstand area | Parking for 90% of staffing | Armory – Arms Vault | Vehicle Maintenance Shop & Paved Motor Pool Parking | Training Facilities | Communication Facilities | Container Storage Pad | Intelligence Center | Data Processing Facilities | Operations Center | SCIF

This new complex combined superior aesthetics with state-of-the-art office and communications technology, was designed to expedite installation of technological enhancements and upgrades, and required an aggressive construction schedule for delivering the COF/TEMF complex within 365 days of award. The project included pre-cast construction, pre-engineered building structures for the TEMF and COF, and extensive pre-assembly of mechanical systems to streamline construction, manage labor, and achieve the aggressive schedule.

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