It is the policy of Caddell Construction to conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to maintain a strong commitment from every Caddell employee to perform his or her duties with the highest level of integrity and fair dealings. We expect the same ethical conduct from all our strategic partners. With a concentrated focus on continuous improvement, we carefully monitor areas of risk as they arise and evolve.

Caddell has a full-time Vice President of Compliance and Ethics who has operational responsibility for Caddell’s ethics and compliance program and reports directly to Caddell’s CEO. The cornerstone of Caddell’s ethics and compliance program is Business Ethics Guidelines which are fundamental to how Caddell conducts its business and what is expected of employees at all levels of the company. Multiple tools for raising concerns of misconduct or seeking guidance when facing ethical dilemmas are provided, including an anonymous toll free 800 hotline and reporting via the Caddell Construction website.  All these mechanisms promote a strong culture where Integrity Matters.

Caddell’s reputation for business integrity is the result of a strong commitment to constructing what matters. At Caddell, ethics matters and compliance counts. Neither is optional.


Speak Up!

If you have a concern regarding any ethics-related topic, please speak up. Caddell will never retaliate in any way for reporting misconduct. Click here to share a concern.