Caddell’s projects matter. We are constructing important and impactful buildings that are of great significance to their owners and end users. Nothing we do is cookie-cutter construction. Everything matters. We design and build highly complex, challenging facilities that require a diligent pursuit of excellence down to the most precise detail.

Alabama Department of Public Health- State Public Health Laboratory

a Caddell employee making a weekly work planWith the full support and commitment of senior corporate leadership, Caddell makes Quality Control the responsibility of everyone on the team, not just the QC group. It is understood that any observed threat or compromise to quality will be immediately reported to the Project Manager and CQC System Manager with the assurance of follow-up and resolution. We use the eyes and ears of everyone at the site to make sure the goal of superior quality guides all aspects of the construction effort. Caddell is consistently rated above average in quality on client performance evaluations.

When you consistently perform to the utmost standard of excellence and quality, clients notice!


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