Since our founding in 1983, there have been exponential changes in technology and the way we do business. Back then, John Caddell was on the cutting edge with mobile phone technology. The priority he placed on staying current is in our DNA. He taught us to invest in assets that advance our business and advance our clients’ interests. Today, whether protecting confidential data, working as safely as possible or improving efficiency and reducing costs, technology is one of the competitive advantages Caddell prioritizes.

While new technology is constantly being introduced into the construction industry, Caddell has continued to adapt and incorporate these innovations into our services.

Technological advancement is hard to isolate at Caddell. It is an integral part of every area of the business. Managing projects with efficiency and excellence requires technical prowess and tools to maximize everything from scheduling to accounting to onsite field operations and controls. Protecting what matters for our employees, clients and strategic partners requires storing, accessing and protecting data at all times. Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) allows us to take advantage of BIM modeling and other tools to maximize schedule and cost, while mitigating potential risks to project success. Drone photography and videography delivers incredible efficiencies and capabilities, thus producing valuable insight and data to our clients.

Whether it’s the tools we use on the job every day, the biometrics we build into our U.S. Embassy projects or the robotics facilities we build for our clients in the logistics market, technology matters at Caddell.