Caddell - A Great Company to Work For

At Caddell, no other aspect of our project management approach receives more emphasis than the safety of the men and women who work on our project sites. With training at the forefront, site-specific safety plans are coupled with Activity Hazard Analysis or Job Safety Analysis briefings before every major scope of work. Pre-Task Safety Meetings also complement our safety efforts and are given directly by the crew’s front-line supervisor.

Safety stand downs, safety luncheons, and employee recognition and rewards are a standard at most projects. Yearly participation in our industry’s national Safety Week brings home the point in creative and rewarding ways.

Sure, we have won nearly every safety award in the industry. And, of course, we are proud of an EMR well below the national average for 25 years straight. But, more than anything, we boast about our “Safety Always” culture that ensures employees go home to their families after a hard day’s work. At Caddell, safety matters.