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Wallace Creek Regimental Headquarters

Project Scope

Known as the Wallace Creek Project, this complex was designed and constructed to provide necessary administrative headquarters, operational, maintenance, mission support, training and housing facilities to support 3,000+ Marines. The 225-acre greenfield site was bounded by sensitive wetlands areas and required extensive site work to ensure viability of new structures while protecting the natural environment. Caddell, in a joint venture, was also required to carefully protect and preserve 2 areas of historic interest including a skeet shooting parcel more than 100 years old.

The buildings are constructed of load bearing masonry cross-walls with hollow core concrete plank floor deck with concrete topping. The building systems included fire detection and suppression, integration of energy management controls to match the local central energy plants, communications networks, protected distribution system, intrusion detection, surveillance, electronic access control, and air conditioning. Support facilities included all related site-work and utilities, lighting, parking, curb and gutter, sidewalks, storm drainage, landscaping, and other site improvements.

Upon contract award, the project team was quickly mobilized to begin the preconstruction phase, including fast-tracking the construction whenever possible. The team experienced virtually zero turn-over with the same project manager and staff in place from the beginning. Subcontractors were effectively managed and the work planned and coordinated to achieve the schedule completion date on time.


Naval Facilities Engineering Command