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Large Unmanned Drone Hangar & Runway Complex

Caddell’s mission was to accomplish the design/build of a new hangar and runway to support a unit of the MC-1C Gray Eagle—–the Army’s state-of-the-art unmanned (drone) aircraft stationed at Camp Mackall. The Army strongly discourages using the word “drone”, much preferring UAV, as the Gray Eagle is as different from a camera drone or an Amazon delivery drone as a 747 is from a hang glider. With a wingspan of 56 feet, almost 30 feet from nose to tail, and a maximum takeoff weight of 3,600+ lbs., the Gray Eagle is a super sophisticated deadly weapon.

Caddell had considerable experience building aircraft hangars prior to this project. But none presented the same level of difficulty regarding late design modifications and construction coordination. Despite a long list of “the unexpected”, the Caddell team met the Savannah District’s very aggressive schedule and turned over the completed facility in just 16 months—–including both design and construction.

  • Finished on-time despite numerous major challenges to the schedule, including significant design modifications and additions to the original scope.
  • Completed 214,000+ manhours with zero lost-time accidents and a safety program recognized by the Savannah District as among the most effective at Fort Bragg.
  • Achieved the superior quality and exacting specifications required for UAV hangar and runway construction.
  • Effectively led a project team that included three U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts and numerous other project stakeholders.
  • Earned the client’s highest marks on their official evaluation performance ratings regarding quality, management, schedule, and safety.
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