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Few construction companies can celebrate 20+ consecutive years at one location for one client. Craftspeople with 15+ years at one jobsite signify something special is at play.

That something special is relationship, the hallmark of Caddell Construction’s way of business. At the National Carbon Capture Center, Caddell’s special team of talented and passionate professionals have performed work that truly matters for all stakeholders involved.

In fact, work at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, Alabama matters for the entire nation. The impressive complex is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored research facility, focusing on finding next-generation carbon capture technologies.

Caddell has completed in excess of 3,000,000 man-hours onsite since 1997 when the first project at the center’s original site, the Power Systems Development Facility, was constructed. That project featured the erection of advanced pilot demonstration systems for fossil-based power generation.

Once construction was complete, Caddell remained onsite providing maintenance for the center’s evolving mission. In 2010, Caddell supported expansion and modification of the facility to include post-combustion carbon capture technology research and development at the site. The latest performance-based contract includes supply chain management and has expanded our onsite presence.

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