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No project is without challenges and surprises, and this one was no different. During the testing phase, a serious issue was discovered with the mechanical systems pumps as the process of starting up chiller equipment and related pumps began.

For any project, this would be a major blow. But for a healthcare project, it has even more impact. Medical equipment and interior finishes must be installed in a carefully controlled climate. If some or all of the pumps would have to be replaced, there would be significant impact because of the direct correlation of the critical need for having conditioned air available to the building.

The project team knew there was no time to waste. While the mechanical designer of record and owner sorted out the details of replacing the under-designed mechanical pumps, important work still needed to be accomplished in order for the project to stay on schedule. It was crunch time in the schedule already, and there was no other option than to find a way forward and keep moving.

The Caddell-Nan JV and our subcontractors were nimble enough to bend and adjust midstream in order to find a solution. We offered the client the option of using a temporary pump strong enough to provide condition air to the building. They agreed to the plan and were grateful work could proceed in the building with temporary air conditioning until the re-designed pumps where received, installed and tested.

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