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University of Alabama John England Jr. Residence Hall


A late finish by two other GCs tasked with sitework and preliminary foundations reduced Caddell’s building construction schedule by three months. Fixing design errors caused more delays. Add in heavy periods of rainfall, mandatory shutdowns during game-days, and numerous work cessations related to student move-ins and study hours, and the schedule seemed doomed.

Caddell accepted the challenge, worked nearly 24/7 and extra shifts, and used innovative pre-fabricated and pre-engineered systems that significantly expedited the work. The result? The building was ready when new students arrived.

Lay down space was virtually non-existent at this site in the very center of an active university campus. Thousands of students went to and from classes passing within a few feet of intense construction activity; heavy trucks were delivering materials; cranes were lifting steel beams; men were working inside and out of a four-story beehive.

Caddell implemented a network of covered walkways, tall fences, and personnel dedicated to managing each and every vehicle entering the site area and thus kept the site safe. Not one incident occurred involving campus cars or people. Just-in-time deliveries reduced congestion around the site.

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