Caddell Myth Busters

In October, Caddell joins our peers in celebrating Careers in Construction Month (#CICM), and we’re excited to focus on the exceptional career opportunities in our industry and at our company. A career in construction can be a lucrative venture, offering a solid paycheck for highly in-demand skills. We take it one step further by offering meaningful work building projects that support national security, education, healthcare, research, energy, and international diplomacy.

Just a few years ago, a LinkedIn Contributor wrote, “Job security is a complete myth, as is long-term employment. They (companies) just make sweeping cuts when they need to. The average employee tenure is under five years and for millennials it’s under three years.” (Clark, 2014)

If job security is a myth, then we are the MythBusters. The average tenure of Caddell employees is over a decade, and we pride ourselves in reporting over 12 dozen employees with 10, 15 and 20+ years of service. But tenure metrics are just data—objective measurements of how many people choose to make a career and a life at Caddell. It doesn’t explain why our people choose stay with us… So why do they?

Each employee might individually have a different answer to this question, though you’d find commonalities and shared experiences that span the generational, gender, ethnicity and otherwise diverse cultural backgrounds represented in our workforce. As our company grew, our leadership team wrote down what it meant to be a Caddell team member, defining The Caddell Way. When we’re looking to hire new people, our recruiters act as talent surveyors, and The Caddell Way is the plumb line.

We’re accountable for our actions, meaning we own our mistakes, apologize, and learn from them. We’re respectful and compassionate toward one another; this means we care about one another and become involved in each other’s lives outside of work—weddings, funerals, babies and surgeries…we’re there. We’re unmatched in our work ethic, and this shows when a project team and office support staff get it done by pulling together to complete a difficult project. We’re positive ambassadors who speak with excitement about our company when we run into friends at the grocery store. We’re committed to collective success, and know when you do well, we all do well, and we win as a team. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, constantly learning to shift, pivot, flex, grow, and adapt to the changing industry environment in order remain in business for 38 years.

The construction industry can be cyclical and uncertain, but we believe we’ve found the balance of risk, reward, and purpose. Caddell has been able to offer a special kind of stability and leadership to guide through challenges, making payroll when times are lean, and remaining humble during times of plenty (and we’ve ‘enjoyed’ both). Caddell people are trustworthy—it’s less worrisome to ride the roller coaster when you know you can rely on the person buckled in next to you. Caddell people are resilient, and are glad to share their knowledge. We invest in our people and train for the skills needed to be successful.

Caddell’s mission statement is “Constructing what matters for the long-term success of our employees, clients and strategic partners.” Our company is continuously looking to the future while keeping this mission squarely in focus. We’re constantly progressing forward, punching out one project and mobilizing two more. While we offer a long-term career path, this doesn’t mean our people coast or embrace complacency. In this industry, reputation is still built on dirty boots, low bids, and AGC BuildAmerica awards. So, if any of this is resonating, you might be a fit for Caddell, and us a fit for you.

Consider a career in construction, and consider constructing what matters for your life and career at Caddell.

Ryan Stanford, PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Manager & Corporate EEO Officer

Citation: Clark, D. (2014, September 18). Forbes. Retrieved from



Caddell-Nan JV Awarded Fourth Contract on Island of Guam

Caddell Construction, along with joint venture partner Nan, Inc., has been awarded another contract on the island of Guam. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Pacific division recently announced the contract for the design and construction of a $36.5 million base warehouse on Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz.

The 53,335 SF warehouse will provide storage and administrative space to support several agencies. “This project provides a general support warehouse required for storage and administrative space to support the distribution management office, base supply, food services, and general services administrative daily operations,” said NAVFAC Pacific Design Manager Grant Nakata in a published press release.

The project scope includes associated parking and a special paved area where heavy vehicles can be safely parked, called a “vehicle hardstand.” The structure of the building will be reinforced cast-in-place concrete appropriate for Guam’s earthquake and environmental conditions, as well as all necessary security requirements.

This marks the fourth project that Caddell-Nan JV has been awarded on Guam. Construction began in 2018 for a new medical outpatient facility at Apra Harbor, and work is underway on three barracks facilities that were awarded last year.

Caddell Construction Awarded Contract at Ft. Jackson, SC

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 22, 2021 – Caddell Construction has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District for the Phase II construction of a battalion training complex at Ft. Jackson, SC. The base award, in the amount of $42,614,000, includes construction of a Basic Combat Trainee Complex with associated company training pits and other site development, as well as options for additional work.

The project consists of two Basic Trainee combined barracks with Company Operations Facilities (COF), each approximately 60,000 SF in size. The standard-design Trainee Barracks Complex will house 1200 soldiers during their important, mission-critical Basic Combat Training at Ft. Jackson.

The project has a base bid duration of 540 calendar days. Sustainable principles, including life cycle cost-effective practices, will be integrated into the design, development and construction of the complex.

This is Caddell’s second project at Ft. Jackson, as they currently have a site HVAC piping system replacement project soon to break ground.

Caddell Construction Announces New Vice President Position

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 19, 2021 – Today Caddell Construction announces the promotion of Nathan Raycroft to a new role in the growing company: vice president, Guam operations.  

In recent years, Caddell has greatly increased its project load on the island of Guam, in support of the U.S. Military’s preparations to move servicemen there from Okinawa, Japan. Guam is a U.S. island territory in Micronesia, the southernmost and largest island in the Mariana Island chain, and is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

Most of the company’s work on the island is being performed as part of a long-standing and successful joint venture with Nan, Inc. In fact, the Caddell-Nan Joint Venture (CNJV) currently has more than $369 million of work in progress on Guam.

“To keep our focus on intentional changes and to put us in the best possible position on current contracts and future pursuits, we felt we needed a strong leader to head up our operations there,” said Executive Vice President Mac Caddell. “I can’t think of anybody better suited for the task than Nathan Raycroft,” he said.

Mr. Raycroft is a senior construction professional with 24 years of experience in mechanical, structural and general construction administration and management. He has been with Caddell since 2019, where his most recent role was construction executive. His environmental management acumen and careful attention to quality and safety best practices make him the ideal leader for the specialized requirements of constructing on an island in the western Pacific.

According to Mr. Caddell, CNJV’s position on Guam will be strong through at least 2025. “Mr. Raycroft will work closely with our teams and strategic partners to make sure we are managing each opportunity for long-term success,” he said. “This is a large task, and Nathan is ready for the challenge. We are confident that Nathan’s dedication to The Caddell Way will lead us to continued success in Guam and beyond.”

Together with their joint venture partner, Caddell currently has more than $369 million of work in progress on Guam.
Photo courtesy of Caddell Construction.

Caddell Construction Announces Key Executive Promotions

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 8, 2021 – Today Caddell Construction announces the promotions of key leaders in the company.

Caddell has experienced exceptional growth in recent years. Since just 2013, revenues have increased by more than 150%, and the number of full-time salaried staff has increased by 50%. Caddell has solidified its expansion into the commercial market, moved into a new corporate headquarters in downtown Montgomery, AL, opened corporate offices in Northwest Arkansas and metro Atlanta, and is preparing to open their latest branch in Jacksonville, FL.

According to Executive Vice President Mac Caddell, this level of sustained growth has come as a result of intentional planning carried out by employees who fully support the “collective success” ideal. “This growth is attributable, in large part, to the hard work of our employees in conjunction with our adherence to an effective and dynamic strategic plan,” he said. “Our team’s continued commitment to the Caddell Way and support of our mission is what sets us apart.”

To adapt to the recent growth, and to make room for future expansion, Caddell has promoted Stephen Strickland to the position of senior vice president, governmental. Mr. Strickland has been with Caddell since 2008. He began his tenure at the company as manager of operations support and was promoted to vice president of business operations in 2018.

Brian Stewart has been promoted to vice president, business administration and general counsel. Mr. Stewart has been with Caddell since 2008, most recently serving as the company’s general counsel and manager of operations support.

Brian Golden has also been promoted. He will assume the role of manager, operations support. Mr. Golden joined the company in 2015, working as a project engineer, assistant project manager and quality control manager before assuming the contracts manager position at the corporate headquarters in 2019. “Each of these individuals has proven himself a valuable asset to the company,” Mr. Caddell said. “Their leadership and talent are part of the reason for our success to this point, and we see nothing but the brightest future for each of them and for our company as a whole,” he said. “Being intentional in our changes reinforces our mission to construct what matters for the long-term success of our employees, clients and strategic partners.”

2020 Year in Review

The 2020 Year-In-Review edition of On the Level, Caddell’s flagship magazine, features the people, projects and corporate highlights that made headlines in 2020. See how the company thrived during UNPRECEDENTED times.

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Caddell Construction receives 2020 HIRE Vets Medallion Award from U.S. Department of Labor

MONTGOMERY, Ala., November 10, 2020 – U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia recognized Caddell Construction as a recipient of the 2020 HIRE Vets Medallion Award during an award ceremony at the U.S. Department of Labor. The Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act) Medallion Program is the only federal award program that recognizes job creators who successfully recruit, hire, and retain veterans. 

“This award means the world to us.” said President & CEO Eddie Stewart. “It’s especially nice to be recognized right here at Veteran’s Day. From our founder John Caddell’s service in the U.S. Air Force, to the dozens of veterans who currently work here, our commitment to honoring veterans is year round,” he said. 

Caddell is known for its strong support of the U.S. Military, having built more than $5 billion in new living and working facilities for servicemen and women worldwide. The company has built war memorial monuments, sponsored special events at military installations, given time and materials to military charities and many other initiatives in addition to hiring veterans. “This is just one of the ways Caddell is constructing what matters,” Stewart said.

Caddell joins 674 other companies from 49 states, plus the District of Columbia, who have shown a commitment to hiring veterans, but also ensuring that they have a long-term career and growth plan that uses the diverse skills they acquired through their military service. 

The HIRE Vets Medallion Award is based on a number of criteria, ranging from veteran hiring and retention to providing veteran-specific resources, leadership programming, dedicated human resources, and compensation and tuition assistance programs – with requirements varying for large, medium, and small employers. 

Caddell Construction Announces Retirement of Key Long-Term Executive

 MONTGOMERY, Ala., September 30, 2020 – Today Caddell Construction announces the retirement of Senior Vice President of Operations Bob Nanney. Celebrating 37 years with the company, Nanney has been with Caddell longer than any employee other than Mr. Caddell himself. 

Nanney was a young man as he made the career leap from Blount to Caddell in October 1983 when the company was only nine months old. After a very short stint working at the corporate headquarters, based in the Caddell’s home at the time, Nanney was off to be the QC Manager/Safety Manager/Project Engineer on a barracks project in Texas. While there, he met his wife of 35 years, Jeri, and together they have given Caddell nothing less than their best. Nanney’s first Project Manager assignment was at the Depot Modernization project at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Afterward, he led five additional project teams in the field, and in total managed over $153 million in new work including iconic Caddell projects such as the Climatic Test Lab at Eglin AFB and Atlanta VA Medical Center additions. 

In 1999, Nanney was promoted to Construction Executive, and during the next five years, he had oversight of projects valued at more than $263 million. Then, in 2004, he took an assignment to be the Project Director of Caddell’s largest venture to date—the $333 million New Embassy Office Building in Beijing, China. For the next four years, he worked with Caddell’s joint venture partner to ensure the new Embassy completed before the opening of the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Upon returning from Beijing, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations, and then to Senior Vice President of Operations in 2019. In his executive role, he has had oversight responsibility for more than $3 billion of work. 


Projects under Bob Nanney’s leadership have consistently won state and national awards for excellence in performance.


More than the impressive list of projects, the list of people he has coached and influenced is even more inspiring. President and CEO Eddie Stewart called him “the most likeable guy you will ever meet” and said his integrity and leadership are hallmarks of his character. “He has that smile the makes people gravitate to him,” Stewart said. “It is with mixed feelings of both sadness and sincere heartfelt appreciation that we announce his retirement.” 

Executive Vice President Mac Caddell said, “Bob always led by example and has been instrumental in making Caddell the company it is today.” Caddell said the company is grateful for Nanney’s 37 years of service. “Whenever Caddell needed him, wherever Caddell needed him, Bob was there. Long before it was our marketing tagline, Bob understood that our work was important and committed himself to constructing what matters,” he said. 

Nanney and his wife will begin their next chapter of life in neighboring Mississippi, where he will be devoted to his children, grandchildren, and Mississippi State football. 


Bob Nanney’s father, W.G. Nanney, was Mr. Caddell’s first employee when he started the business out of his home in 1983.

Caddell Construction Awarded Contract in Guam

Caddell Construction, along with joint venture partner Nan Construction, has been awarded another $100+ million contract to design and build a new barracks at Naval Base Guam. The project award is the latest in an impressive list of new work awarded this year, bringing the total value of new contracts to more than half a billion dollars since January.

Caddell-Nan Joint Venture (JV) beat out five other competitors to win the job. Work will include the design and construction of a building complex with multiple floors to house unaccompanied U.S. Marines at the Joint Region Marianas site on the island of Guam. The “BEQ-H” complex will include a Bachelor-Enlisted Quarters tower, a utility facility, a washing area and a community core building. The contract also includes site preparation, landscaping, environmental mitigation, site utilities, as well as parking and sidewalks.

This marks the third project that the Caddell-Nan JV has been awarded on Guam. Construction began in August of 2018 on a new medical outpatient facility at Apra Harbor on Naval Base Guam. And earlier this year, the JV was awarded a $204 million contract for constructing two other barracks buildings, as well.

Situated in Micronesia in the Western Pacific, Guam can be a challenging location for construction. There are special logistical considerations when building on an island, and though a U.S. territory, Guam holds many of the same construction challenges of a truly international site.

“Guam is very much an international environment, bringing with it many of the construction and logistics challenges we face when we work in foreign countries,” said Caddell President & CEO Eddie Stewart. “Our extensive project experience around the world has positioned us well to be competitive and successful on Guam,” he said.

The latest barracks project may be the third for Caddell-Nan JV on Guam, but it is the seventh project performed as a team. The two companies combined forces more than 10 years ago and have steadily performed projects together ever since. Caddell’s senior vice president of operations, Bob Nanney, attributes the success to shared core values and an unwavering commitment to meeting project quality, safety, and schedule expectations. “Both companies place a particular focus on customer satisfaction, which has been key to our success,” he said. “We look forward to this new project and many more to come.”

Caddell’s extensive experience with international projects helped secure the latest in a long list of new contracts this year, with new work totaling more than half a billion dollars since January.

Caddell Construction Off to a Strong Start in 2020

Caddell Construction has begun 2020 with an impressive list of accomplishments: four new contracts awarded already this year, a new corporate headquarters location in downtown Montgomery, two offices consolidated into one larger space in the Atlanta area, and ongoing projects all over the world, to name a few. 

Earlier today, Caddell hosted an Open House at their new location on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery. After two years in the Caddell family home and 34 years in the company’s original building at Lagoon Park, they have fully outgrown the space. 

Caddell’s new corporate headquarters are housed in the heart of downtown Montgomery, just two blocks from the state capital. Photo courtesy of RSA.

According to Executive Vice President Mac Caddell, one of their corporate hallmarks from the beginning has been the flexibility to adapt and adjust as needed. “We are not a company that makes rash decisions,” he said, “but when decisions obviously need to be made, we research with due diligence and move forward in the best way we can for our employees, clients and strategic partners.” He believes this move now will benefit all of these important stakeholder groups.

Caddell’s industrial division and the commercial division’s Atlanta office also moved into a bigger space. They are now strategically co-located in a new office in Woodstock, GA for greater collaboration and sharing of resources. 

“We are a very collaborative company,” said Mac Caddell. “Both of our new locations are set up to help us more easily work together in the office and with our teams all over the world.” According to him, other positive changes include infrastructure capabilities for more advanced technology, room for continued growth, and better opportunities for accomplishing the company’s strategic mission of constructing what matters for their employees, clients and strategic partners. 

In addition to physical moves, the company has enjoyed fiscal success in the new year, as well. 

In February, Caddell was awarded a $204 million contract, with joint venture partner Nan Construction, to build two massive barracks buildings at the Marine Corps Base in Guam. The scope of work includes two six-story towers, each providing 300 rooms for unaccompanied enlisted U.S. military personnel. The project is a design-bid-build contract and is funded by the Government of Japan as part of an International Agreement between the U.S. and Japan to relocate some U.S. troops currently based in Japan to Guam. Caddell has successfully completed more than 35 other barracks jobs over the years, totaling nearly $1.7 billion. 

Caddell, along with joint venture partner Nan Construction, will build two massive barracks buildings at the Marine Corps Base in Guam. Photo courtesy of NAVFAC Pacific.


Arkel-Caddell Joint Venture will build the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women replacement prison outside of Baton Rouge. Photo courtesy of Grace Hebert Curtis Architects.

A few days later, the company’s Arkel-Caddell Joint Venture was apparent low bidder for a Construction Manager at Risk contract to build the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women replacement prison outside of Baton Rouge, LA. Preconstruction services will begin very soon, and once the design is complete, the team will execute a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract. The construction phase is expected to be 24 months, and the anticipated contract value is approximately $85 million. Caddell has long been considered an industry leader in correctional construction, with this latest project adding to the company’s $1.3 billion portfolio in correctional facilities.



Caddell’s commercial group was also recently awarded two projects with a confidential Fortune 500client for Construction Manager at Risk services valued at more than $200 million. 

Caddell President and CEO Eddie Stewart said it is “unprecedented” for the company to have been awarded this much work this early in the year. “We hope this can be our biggest year yet,” he said.