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New Embassy Compound

Project Scope

Caddell was responsible for the design and construction of a new 163,117 SF diplomatic compound that included state-of-the-art security, communications, and information processing systems, multiple areas with advanced physical and technical security systems, and anti-terrorism and force protection measures. Primary components included: a new office building (104,113 SF), Marine security guard quarters (9,107 SF), a warehouse and maintenance facility (31,927 SF), maintenance facilities, a utility building (9,748 SF), community facilities (1,841 SF), and three compound access control buildings (4,381 SF). The new office building was designed and constructed with Tier 3, fully redundant, N+1 availability to all mission critical areas.

The new embassy in Nouakchott is a trendsetter among new U.S. diplomatic facilities for its sophisticated sustainable systems (solar and wind power as well as an on-site water filtration and reuse system) and for its creative use of exterior and interior materials and design to reflect the local culture. More than half of the entire façade of the new office building features complex Islamic-inspired latticework of perforated copper (one of Mauritania’s major exports) that serves as a screen wall and provides shading in this very hot climate. The interiors feature Cherrywood paneling with aluminum accent striping, limestone floors, etched glass, and elaborate wood lattice screens. An extensive permanent art exhibition includes works by both American and local artists in a variety of media.


U.S. Department of State