Our Work

New U.S. Embassy

Project Scope

Caddell Construction, in a joint venture with Zachry Construction, planned and managed the construction of one of the largest and most sophisticated office/diplomatic complexes in the world. This fully functional embassy compound has been designated as among the most complex projects ever undertaken by the U.S. Department of State on foreign soil. At over $330 million and 600,000-SF, it remains one of the largest overseas initiatives in State Department history. The Beijing complex consolidates more than 20 U.S. agencies and 700 employees onto one site.

The multi-building / ten acre complex includes: Parking and Recreational Facilities; 10-Story Main Office Building; Secure Office Space; Four-Story Marine Guard Quarters; Warehouse Facilities; Operational Support Facilities; Support Office Building; Two Main Compound Access Control Facilities; Public Access Control Facility; Independent Mechanical and Electrical Plant


U.S. Department of State