Our Work

Sludge Pumping Station

Project Scope

This project was an integral part of the Cairo wastewater system and consisted of constructing a large wastewater sludge pumping station at the Abu Rawash WWTP site. Scope included deep excavation, continuous wellpoint dewatering, a massive concrete mat foundation six feet thick, and wet wells over 50 feet high of reinforced cast-in-place concrete with blue brick protective lining. To transport the sludge 25 miles into the desert to drying bed lagoons, dry wells were constructed which housed overhead bridge cranes and four 6,180 GPM centrifugal sludge pumps connected in series and parallel configuration by large bore cement lined piping. Dual feed electrical switchgear and transformers were installed to provide power to the pumps and motor control centers. The project was finished on-time and below cost.


Greater Cairo Wastewater Project