Our Work

Denver Mint

Project Scope

Scope of work consisted of a two-story expansion of the structure originally built in 1904. The first floor was clad with precast concrete to house material handling, coining, and bagging equipment. Above the first floor and into the 1904 structure, a visitor’s mezzanine was constructed to allow a view into the existing and new buildings. The visitor’s mezzanine was capped by a 200-foot long skylight, which leads into a glass link and the 1904 building. A new truck dock along the south side of the new and existing buildings is hidden from public view by finished concrete wall. This wall and the precast concrete panels closely match the original granite structures. Along the east and west sides of the project a steel picket fence was installed to allow for public viewing of the structure. Antique doors and wrought iron window grills were extensively reused in the new buildings


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