Caddell Myth Busters

In October, Caddell joins our peers in celebrating Careers in Construction Month (#CICM), and we’re excited to focus on the exceptional career opportunities in our industry and at our company. A career in construction can be a lucrative venture, offering a solid paycheck for highly in-demand skills. We take it one step further by offering meaningful work building projects that support national security, education, healthcare, research, energy, and international diplomacy.

Just a few years ago, a LinkedIn Contributor wrote, “Job security is a complete myth, as is long-term employment. They (companies) just make sweeping cuts when they need to. The average employee tenure is under five years and for millennials it’s under three years.” (Clark, 2014)

If job security is a myth, then we are the MythBusters. The average tenure of Caddell employees is over a decade, and we pride ourselves in reporting over 12 dozen employees with 10, 15 and 20+ years of service. But tenure metrics are just data—objective measurements of how many people choose to make a career and a life at Caddell. It doesn’t explain why our people choose stay with us… So why do they?

Each employee might individually have a different answer to this question, though you’d find commonalities and shared experiences that span the generational, gender, ethnicity and otherwise diverse cultural backgrounds represented in our workforce. As our company grew, our leadership team wrote down what it meant to be a Caddell team member, defining The Caddell Way. When we’re looking to hire new people, our recruiters act as talent surveyors, and The Caddell Way is the plumb line.

We’re accountable for our actions, meaning we own our mistakes, apologize, and learn from them. We’re respectful and compassionate toward one another; this means we care about one another and become involved in each other’s lives outside of work—weddings, funerals, babies and surgeries…we’re there. We’re unmatched in our work ethic, and this shows when a project team and office support staff get it done by pulling together to complete a difficult project. We’re positive ambassadors who speak with excitement about our company when we run into friends at the grocery store. We’re committed to collective success, and know when you do well, we all do well, and we win as a team. We embrace a culture of continuous improvement, constantly learning to shift, pivot, flex, grow, and adapt to the changing industry environment in order remain in business for 38 years.

The construction industry can be cyclical and uncertain, but we believe we’ve found the balance of risk, reward, and purpose. Caddell has been able to offer a special kind of stability and leadership to guide through challenges, making payroll when times are lean, and remaining humble during times of plenty (and we’ve ‘enjoyed’ both). Caddell people are trustworthy—it’s less worrisome to ride the roller coaster when you know you can rely on the person buckled in next to you. Caddell people are resilient, and are glad to share their knowledge. We invest in our people and train for the skills needed to be successful.

Caddell’s mission statement is “Constructing what matters for the long-term success of our employees, clients and strategic partners.” Our company is continuously looking to the future while keeping this mission squarely in focus. We’re constantly progressing forward, punching out one project and mobilizing two more. While we offer a long-term career path, this doesn’t mean our people coast or embrace complacency. In this industry, reputation is still built on dirty boots, low bids, and AGC BuildAmerica awards. So, if any of this is resonating, you might be a fit for Caddell, and us a fit for you.

Consider a career in construction, and consider constructing what matters for your life and career at Caddell.

Ryan Stanford, PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Manager & Corporate EEO Officer

Citation: Clark, D. (2014, September 18). Forbes. Retrieved from