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U.S. Penitentiaries

Caddell Construction - U.S Penitentiary and Federal Prision Camp- Beaumont, TX

Project Scope

Bid Package 5:  Caddell was responsible for the design and construction of a 560,000 SF, high security, phased, campus setting expansion to an existing and extensive high security correctional complex. The scope of work included a 960 inmate housing multiplex of three large double-wing/four-story complexes, processing center, UNICOR building, educational building, medical services center, 72-cell medically impaired inmates building, full-service kitchen/dining facility, seven high-tech observation/guard towers, ultra-secure gate house, large warehouse, separate building for utilities, warehouses, and maintenance garages, separate general recreational building with indoor/outdoor weight lifting area, chapel, auditorium, and music/art rooms, and state-of-the-art security and communications systems with central monitoring and control center. Construction included, belled piers and precast piling foundations, grade beams, slabs on grade, elevated pan slabs, structural steel framing, built-up and metal roofing, tilt-up concrete panels, smooth and split-face masonry block, complete mechanical and electrical systems, state of the art security systems, and a tunnel form system used to construct the cast in place housing units.

Bid Package 8:  Superior performance on Bid Package 5 was an important element in Caddell’s selection as prime contractor for the Medium-Security Prison and Federal Prison Camp/Bid Package 8 that included the phased construction of a 567,000 SF, medium security, campus setting expansion to an existing and extensive correctional complex. The scope of work included a dorm-type federal prison camp for 500 low risk inmates, three 4-story housing unit buildings with 768 cells, an entry administration building, an educational building with a full-service library, recreational buildings, a fully-equipped healthcare building, a chapel, an auditorium, warehouses, vehicle maintenance facilities, and a large kitchen and dining facility for up to 1,000 personnel. Also included was state-of-the-art security and communications systems, electrical/instrumentation, extensive concrete, hollow metal doors, and frames and hardware.

Between the two contracts, Caddell added well over 1.2 million SF of new prison facilities to the vast federal correctional complex in Beaumont.


Federal Bureau of Prisons