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NSA Communications Center

Project Scope

Campus style complex consisting of a headquarters facility and controlled access operations center for the NSA. Scope included sensitive internet protocol router network (NIPRNET), secret internet protocol router networks (SIPRNET), controlled area classified communication systems, computer networks, fiber optics, security and fire alarm systems, and infrastructure. Built-in equipment included access control system rough-in, under-floor fire detection system, vault doors, emergency generator, fire pump with back-up generator, raised computer access floor, redundant air handling and chilled water systems for the controlled area, secure ground/reference system, tempest shielding, and an uninterruptable power supply system. Surveillance of the controlled area during construction as well as anti-terrorism measures were also included. The facility is Tier 3 with fully redundant for all mission critical areas.



“Caddell has shown the ability to manage very difficult projects and overcome obstacles during the entire project. Caddell manages and utilizes reputable subcontractors to delver a quality product safely and on time. They put extreme emphasis into customer satisfaction on a challenging project where the customer was very involved on a daily basis.”

- Rachel A., Client Confidential