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No other aspect of Caddell’s project management plan receives more emphasis than the health and safety of the men and women who work at Caddell project sites. Through customized safety plans that are rigorously applied and enforced; innovative safety incentive programs that promote and encourage maximum safety awareness; and constant inspection—Caddell has become one of the industry’s safest contractors. In addition to protecting the health and safety of human beings, Caddell’s safety success has meant very significant savings for our customers. Achieving high marks in safety seems to always coincide with superior quality, teamwork, and schedule performance.

Combining a focus on personal responsibility with consistent inspections and creative safety motivation/incentive initiatives has been the hallmark of the safety philosophy at Caddell. 

“Treating the men and women in the field with respect and gaining their trust is a key element in our safety programs. We stress strict accountability while also working hard to get buy-in to shared safety and performance goals. Safety incentive programs have been a big part of that effort, and we have had some extraordinary results in rewarding superior safety performance through these incentive strategies.”  Caddell Corporate Safety Director, Tim Stout.

Recent Safety Awards

Winner of 2016 National ABC Excellence in Safety Award.

♦Winner of ABC Alabama "Safe Day" Competition for 2013-2014 based on safety performance and overall safety program.  Also won the Safety Innovation prize for the best new safety program enhancement.  

♦ Third Place Winner / CSEA National Safety Excellence Award for 2012 sponsored by AGC National.  

♦ Selected by US Army Corps of Engineers in 2011 as having the number one Large Contractor Safety Program for the entire USACE South Atlantic Division (includes Savannah District, Mobile District, Charleston District, Wilmington District, Jacksonville District, and other USACE offices/organizations).

♦ AGC Construction Safety Excellence National Second Place Division Winner for 2011.

♦ Named as an ABC 2012 Diamond Level Safety Contractor.  Received highest possible safety performance rating from local ABC Chapter since 2002.

♦ Multiple winner of Southern Company Triangle Award as recognition for being one of this major utility's safest contractors.

♦ CURT-CISE National Safety Excellence Award Winner in 2008 and 2005.

♦ Winner of National 2008 ABC Safety Excellence Award for NAICS 236 / Category 6: 1-2 million MHs.

♦ AGC Construction Safety Excellence National First Place Division Winner for 2006.

♦ National ABC Excellence in Safety Award 2005.