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Historic Statehouse  Columbia, SC

Customer: State of South Carolina

Renovation of a 150-year-old landmark. Challenges: There were no original drawings or specifications; no earthquake protection systems; the granite foundations produced high radon levels; the building lacked basic fire protection and escape systems; and major portions of the structure were undermined by dry rot and insect damage.  Caddell surrounded the building with a 20-ft-deep concrete foundation “moat-wall” to isolate the building from the site’s un-compacted soil.  Existing foundations were then undercut and almost nine million pounds of granite were removed and a new basement and foundation system that included 120 seismic isolators was installed.  Caddell replaced all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure. Exterior renovations included masonry and stone repairs, replacing copper and slate roofs, and refurbishing windows.  Inside, Caddell restored the elaborate interiors to their Victorian splendor. Highlight: ♦Awarded National ABC Excellence in Construction Merit Award. $48.7M