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Our Culture

We believe we have the "best of the best" when it comes to company culture at Caddell. Due to our unique size and specialized skills, we have the feel of a small, close knit group; but the benefits and opportunities of a much larger company. Our employees interact with each other on a first name basis from entry level to executive level. Guided by our vision, mission and core values; Caddell seeks to promote and maintain a rewarding employment culture. Here are just a few of the things that define Caddell's culture:

The Caddell Way

The Caddell Way is a creed that all employees strive to work and live by. It is a tangible way to explain who we are and who we want to be:

"I am accountable for my actions, respectful and compassionate to others, unmatched in my work ethic, and a positive ambassador for Caddell.  I am an important member of the Caddell Team, committed to working toward Caddell’s Mission by focusing on collective success, and embracing a culture of continuous improvement."


In 2013 Caddell transitioned from family-owned company to an employee-owned company. This significant change speaks volumes of the value that Caddell places on its greatest asset (our employees) and positions the company for long term sustained success.

Team Building

In 2012, Caddell formally implemented a Teambuilding function designed to focus on the fostering of communication and teamwork. The teambuilding events are fun and often challenging. Just a few of the recent teambuilding events Caddell employees have participated in: Egg Drop Competition, Caddell Amazing Race, Building Bridges Competition and Lunchtime Tales.

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

Community Service

  • Caddell has been a leading corporate sponsor for United Way-Montgomery for 25+ years with close to 100% participation.
  • Every year, Caddell sends out teams for Rebuilding America, House-to-House, Meals on Wheels and other community action programs.  We make a difference here in our community.
  • Individual Caddell employees serve as volunteer coaches, pastors, choir directors, tutors, public service volunteers, etc.
  • Almost all Caddell jobsites make a difference in their respective communities through employees giving of their time and resources.


Special Needs & Community Emergencies

Caddell responds to major natural disasters with materials and supplies. Caddell has rebuilt employee homes, paid urgent expenses, donated frequent flyer miles to families in need, and can always be counted on to support Caddell men and women in their time of crisis. 

Support for Soldiers & Veterans

Proud to have built more than $4 Billion in new living and working facilities for the U.S. military, Caddell always looks for ways to say “Thank you” at our military construction sites.  This has included building war memorial monuments, sponsorship of base/post special events, giving time and materials to military charities, and related service. To honor our veterans, the entire Caddell home office assembles on Veterans Day each year to pay tribute to those employees and their family members who have served their country.  This is among the most important and anticipated of Caddell’s annual events.