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UAV Complex at Camp Mackall Wins Prestigious AGC Build America Award

The Design/Build UAV Hangar Project at Camp Mackall-Fort Bragg has won another major award--the AGC Build America Award for the #1 project in the category Federal & Heavy Construction.  This completes a clean sweep for this project in both the ABC and AGC state and national competitions.  Only four other Caddell projects--Target Building, U.S. Embassy/Guinea, U.S. Embassy/Panama, and U.S. Consulate/Istanbul--have captured top national honors with both ABC and AGC.  


The award to the Mackall team is even more noteworthy as its category, Federal & Heavy, is among the most competitive and includes: “Any project for the Corps of Engineers, NAVFAC, Air Force, GSA; any type of marine construction or dredging projects for ports and inland waterways; flood control and prevention projects for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Reclamation; or any industrial plant construction.”  The I-Beam Build America trophy will be presented to Caddell at the AGC National Convention in Las Vegas on March 8th.   Congratulations to the on-site and home office Caddell teams, the Savannah District, EDT (Engineer), and all other project stakeholders.  Special commendation to Caddell Project Manager, Jeremy Clegg, whose leadership was credited by all participants as a primary element in achieving this exceptional level of success and recognition.