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CoreCivic Facility Improvements  Wheeler County & Coffee County, GA

Customer:  CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of Amerrica (CCA)

The scope of work was virtually identical at the two CoreCivic facilities and took place simultaneously. Consisted of design/build of a 6,300-SF vocational facility with two shops (Diesel Mechanics & Welding) and two classrooms; new utilities to serve the added buildings; management fencing at new building locations; the construction of  new green houses including utilities; new site cameras, new gate controls; and the installation of all equipment furnished by CoreCivic.    Caddell met aggressive schedules, maintained a perfect safety record, and completed the projects without a single security incident.

“I have been with CoreCivic for 12 years and am a 28-year veteran of state-level correctional organizations. I can say with confidence that Caddell has been the best construction team of my career.”  Warden Vance Laughlin at Wheeler County Correctional Facility