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SEGS  Kramer Junction, Mojave Desert, CA

Client: Luz Solar Partners

SEGS Solar Electrical Generating Systems ¨ Units II, III, IV, V, VI, VII:  Engineering, procurement, and construction of the original SEGS arrays including Units II-VII.  Each Unit consisted of an approximately 150-acre solar field with approximately 1.8 – 2.5 million square feet of parabolic mirror collectors; a 310,000 lbs/hr., 1565 psig at 954 degrees F boiler with superheaters; a 33.8 MW turbine generator and appurtenances; water treatment facilities; and substation facilities for distribution into the Southern California Edison Grid.  The project was performed, in all stages, on-time and to high praise from the Owner.  Challenged by fast-track schedules, the team set up an on-site “factory” in the Mojave Desert where hundreds of workers mass-produced the generation system components.  $500M