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Why Caddell? 

What makes Caddell a preferred place to launch and grow your construction industry career?  

Caddell offers more than a paycheck.  Caddell believes that a rewarding career goes beyond a salary figure. Certainly, fair compensation is an important consideration, but studies have shown over and over again that money alone does not provide satisfaction. For employees to truly realize a rewarding career, they must be fulfilled in the work they are doing. Caddell offers challenging and enjoyable work, advancement opportunity, competitive salary/benefits, manageable work-life balance, appreciation and recognition.

Caddell has a worldwide impact and perspective.  To date, Caddell men and women have built major commercial and industrial projects in 26 countries on five continents.  And that list grows every year.  We are among the few U.S. general contractors who can get the job done in almost any location, no matter how remote. 

Caddell provides long-term career growth opportunities.  Almost half of our workforce has been employed at Caddell for 10+ years—significantly above the national construction industry average and just one indication of our high level of employee satisfaction and morale. 

Caddell invests in its people.  A heavy emphasis on training and continuing education includes offering our team the best management training courses in the industry and access to a wide range of career enhancement courses—including classes on-line and frequent home-office sponsored conferences.   In the last five years, our training/education budget has tripled.  We know that employees must remain at the cutting-edge in their fields and that training is the key.

Caddell provides the individual room and opportunity to grow, without getting lost in the crowd. We compete very successfully on the global stage with the largest contractors in the world.  However, we are not so big that individual accomplishments and ambitions go unnoticed or unrewarded.  Everyone matters at Caddell.  Caddell’s project manager for the $333M embassy in Beijing started his construction career as a field carpenter, was promoted to Caddell area superintendent, and rose quickly through the ranks.  His talent, work ethic, and intelligence allowed him to advance rapidly in our organization, even without a formal degree.  Construction is still that kind of industry.     

Caddell offers employees a culturally diverse environment.   Caddell employees speak English, Turkish, Nepalese, Spanish, Italian, French, Tagalog (Philippines), Chinese, German, Urdu, and Arabic.  We aren’t afraid of diversity and we respect individual choices.   

Many at Caddell have earned formal degrees. The variety of schools and degree programs is surprising and is another reflection of Caddell’s diversity. Caddell people have studied at:

Purdue University ♦ MIT ♦ University of Florence ♦ U.S. Air Force Academy ♦ Calcutta University ♦ Istanbul Technical University ♦ Clemson ♦ Georgia Tech ♦ University of Wisconsin ♦ University of Michigan ♦ Utah State ♦ Converse College ♦ University of Punjab ♦ Tuskegee University ♦ University of Texas ♦ Texas A&M ♦ University of Baja, California ♦ Mississippi State ♦ University of Vermont ♦ New Mexico State ♦ Old Dominion ♦ LSU ♦ University of Southern Illinois ♦ State University of New York ♦ University of Alaska ♦ Auburn University  University of Alabama ♦ and even the Juilliard School.