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CoreCivic Wheeler County Correctional Facility
Alamo, Georgia

“I have been with CoreCivic for 12 years and am a 28-year veteran of state-level correctional organizations. I can say with confidence that Caddell has been the best construction team of my career.  Thank you for sending us this high caliber of construction management expertise and professionalism. We look forward to other opportunities to work with Caddell.” Warden Vance Laughlin / Wheeler County Correctional Facility

“I am a 30-year veteran of the Georgia Department of Corrections and have been at CoreCivic for four years. This project was among the best planned and managed that I have observed during my career and I commend your team for a job very well done.” Donald Dupree, Chief of Security / Wheeler County Correctional Facility

Renovations & Expansion to Terminal C
Houston, TX

“The entire on-site team had the kind of ‘can do” / “will do” attitude that Continental demanded on this project.  Continental is grateful for their efforts and performance.”  Bob Postma, Senior Manager, Corporate Real Estate/Continental Airlines

“The situation at Terminal C had become unsustainable with inadequate and uneven HVAC, a serious lack of space for passengers and support services, and a generally shabby appearance that did not reflect the otherwise outstanding service Continental provides our customers.  Caddell has helped transform our facility into one that we can be proud of—a Terminal complex that is efficient, modern, comfortable, and attractive.  We know that Terminal C may be the first and only impression of Houston and this airport for many Continental passengers.  We now have confidence that their experience will be a good one and something of which we can be proud.”—Lowery Rudder / Veteran B-737 Continental Airlines Pilot operating out of Houston.


Jackson County Correctional Facility
Pascagoula, Mississippi

“My staff and I had real input into the design and were treated as genuine partners in this process.  I think that our team has produced one of the finest new correctional facilities of its kind in the nation and we are grateful for this new opportunity.” Captain Michael Wright / Jackson County Correctional Facility

“The new facility is functioning precisely as designed and I consider that a major victory considering the “must haves” from the various project stakeholders.  Also the fact that it doesn’t look like a jail is a big plus.”  Chris Lunsford, AIA / Project Architect

Power Systems Development Facility
Wilsonville, AL

“I would like to express my appreciation for the home and site project management team Caddell assembled…Being a research facility with the first fully integrated Advanced PFBC system ever erected presented many unique and challenging experiences….Caddell demonstrated a desire to finish the job on time with an attitude I can only describe as “assembling every piece of equipment as if they were going to personally start it up and operate it themselves. …I have been in this business for a long time and have never experienced a contractor with more pride in their workmanship and good sound desire to do the job correctly and safely.” Pete Honeycut / Southern Company Services, Inc.

State House Restoration
Columbia, SC

“From the meticulous and intricate work on the new copper dome, to the cutting edge science applied in the building’s new seismic isolation system, this project has to be one of Caddell’s finest moments in its corporate history.  They took a building, about which little was known of its true condition or internal construction and design, which was in a dilapidated state, and have recreated one of the most beautiful capitols in the country.” Frank Caggiano / Clerk of the Senate

Bulk Fuel Storage Facility
Raleigh-Durham Airport, NC

“We believe this to be an appropriate time to bring your attention to the truly remarkable job your staff has done for us.  Considering the ambitious construction schedule, political difficulties, and immoderate weather, there have very few organizations that possess the talent to deliver the facility on time.  Please accept our sincere thanks for a job well done to you and the entire Caddell staff. Your continued interest in American Airlines will always be welcomed and appreciated.” Fredric L. Jacobson / Contract Manager for Airline Services.  

George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texs

"I would like to take this time to compliment your fine staff.  Your company has worked tirelessly to ensure that the George R. Brown Convention Center is on schedule and within budget.  You have proven that a public bid job does not have to produce an adversarial relationship.  Your staff has been professional, courteous, and mindful of the various milestones that had to be met. Thank you again for your cooperation and enthusiasm in producing such a quality convention center that the City of Houston will be proud of for many years to come." Kathryn J. Whitmire, Mayor of the City of Houston.


Western Desert Sludge Pump Station
Cairo, Egypt

“As chairman of the OEGCWP I have seen many projects carried out here in Egypt.  As an Engineer myself, I recognize what it takes to complete a project of this type on time.  I wish to commend Caddell Construction Co. for the remarkable job that has been done…The performance of your staff has been superlative.  They have quickly learned the business practices required in Egypt and have adjusted to meet the demands.  Their commitment to the job and their cooperation with CWO and the Engineer have been accomplished in a consistently professional manner.” Mohamed T. Abou Saadea / Chairman Greater Cairo Wastewater Project 

D/B UAV (Drone) Complex
Camp Mackall, NC

“I have been serving the Savannah District’s Fort Bragg office since 2000 and would rate this project among the best of my career.  The entire Caddell team performed in a professional, competent, and cooperative manner and acted as a true partner with the Savannah District.  I extend my congratulations to Project Manager Jeremy Clegg and to all his team members.” Karl A. Gabzdyl, Resident Engineer / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District / Fort Bragg, North Carolina

New Exchange
Kirtland AFB, NM

"An AAFES exchange is a business.  Its success corresponds to its efficiency, ability to attract and satisfy customers, and flexibility in adapting to customer tastes and preferences.   As General Manager of the new facility, I worked closely with Caddell to ensure that this store was aesthetically superior, benefited from cutting-edge IT systems, and was built-to-last. Mission accomplished. I count this project as among the most successful during my career with AAFES and congratulate the men and women from Caddell for their hard work, leadership, and commitment to excellence." Robert Cooper / General Manager / Kirtland AFB Exchange

"As the Architect of Record for the new exchange at Kirtland AFB, I wanted to commend your project team for a job very well done.  I have had the privilege of designing numerous exchange and commissary facilities and would count this project as among the best managed and organized of my career." Terry Lee, AIA / Senior Vice President / Breckenridge Group

Barracks & Operations Complex
Fort Leonard Wood, MO

“Perhaps my highest praise for this project is to say that it did not require large amounts of my time and proceeded practically worry-free.  If I have to visit a project site every day, there are problems.  This was certainly not the case with this project which benefited from the very strong and competent leadership of your onsite staff.  As the project involved construction of three virtually identical structures, when an issue was resolved or a technique discovered to be very useful on one, the lessons learned were applied to the other two.  Caddell was particularly adept and effective in that regard and paid close attention to what worked and what didn’t.  Sounds simple, but many GCs never get it and repeat the same errors over and over. Not Caddell... You can be proud of what your team accomplished.” Gary Pemberton / Project Engineer for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District


Renovation of PACAF
Joint Base Pearl Harbor, HI

"I know that CNMS and all of the Phase Two and Phase Four team members have shared a deep sense of responsibility and privilege in executing this special project.  This 555,000-SF structure is among the most important and revered wartime properties in the nation, while also serving as a key military command and control center.  Performing these major repairs while 2000 people have continued to perform their critical mission has presented special challenges requiring innovative design and construction techniques.  I believe our customers have been very pleased with our team’s performance and that we have met these special challenges.  CNMS has done an outstanding job in implementing the design and has consistently maintained a high level of client service and team cooperation."  John Fullmer, AIA / Mason  


U.S. Embassy
Malabo, Equitorial Guinea

"In all important measures of design and construction I believe that the Caddell/KCCT team excelled.  The new facility is sustainable, beautiful, fully supports the important mission of its users, and complements its natural and cultural context.  Caddell was able to bring the project to completion on-time, to superior quality, and without a single lost-time safety accident.  You can be proud of your Malabo team, and we at KCCT look forward to other opportunities to work with your company." John W. Chapman, AIA / Principal / Karns Chruhas Chapman & Twohey

NCO Academy & Barracks Complex
Fort Bragg, NC

“Many times near the end of a project, key contractor staff will be reassigned and leave the site resulting in a noticeable reduction in energy and intensity.  Not with Caddell.  Your project team has maintained critical quality and schedule momentum and continued to follow through with punch list items and project documentation.   So often, missteps and unintentional neglect in the final project stages diminish an otherwise excellent effort.  I don’t see this happening with the Caddell project team which has remained highly responsive and sensitive to quality issues. 

I am proud of what our team has accomplished here at Fort Bragg. These NCOs have long deserved this fine facility and your on-site team did an outstanding job in leading this effort.” Michael Himes / Quality Assurance Inspector / Savannah District / Fort Bragg, NC

D/B Bachelors Enlisted Quarters for Explosive Ordnance School
Eglin AFB, FL

"I am pleased to offer my congratulations to Caddell and your entire project team for a very successful project.  The new BEQ has been much needed and anticipated, and your team has delivered a superior facility that will well serve the EOD School for many years to come. In those areas most important to project success, your on-site team has excelled.  The safety performance was outstanding with zero lost-time accidents or OSHA Recordables; we remain on track for achieving LEED Gold certification; we have completed on-schedule despite some major challenges; and the superior quality of the new building has been noted by all of the project partners." Donald Bowen / LT, Civil Engineer Corps / NAVFAC SE / USN

D/B U.S. Embassy
Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti

"Among the issues that faced our team were: 1) extreme heat and humidity with daytime temperatures often rising to 120°F and even higher readings recorded on top of the project slabs; 2) some of the most corrosive soils in the world that will quickly degrade normal building materials; 3) a very active seismic zone with as many as five tremors in one day; 4) an unstable political environment; and 5) all of the inherent problems of working in a third-world environment regarding scarcity of resources and corruption.  Added to these formidable challenges were critical design changes affecting foundations, materials, and upgraded interior spaces that Caddell was tasked to integrate into the schedule and overall project plan.” Senior Engineer on-site at Djibouti for U.S. State Department

Training Roads & Bridges Phase C
Fort Benning, Georgia

“Your team overcame some very difficult challenges.  Coordination with the Army to maintain vital training functions; protection of delicate wetlands, waterways, and endangered species; phasing the work to maintain maximum schedule momentum when the access area was strictly confined to the road corridor itself; and meeting very demanding quality protocols were just some of the special challenges that confronted the Caddell/Savannah District team.  In addition, we discovered some unexpected subsoil conditions that demanded redesign of main bridges and other key structures.  Despite these difficulties, the project remained firmly on track and finished according to schedule.” Brian Hilton, P.E. / Savannah District


D/B Warrior in Transition Barracks
Fort Stewart, GA

“Your project team has been consistently cooperative and worked with our staff as true partners in resolving the inevitable issues that will challenge a project of this size and scope.  When there were difficulties, we worked through the problems and maintained a focus on our shared objectives.  Also, I have much appreciated the support this project received from the home offices of joint venture partners Caddell and Clark.  It was apparent that both organizations were deeply committed to project success.” Thuan V. Truong, P.E. / Project Engineer / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Savannah District / Fort Stewart, Georgia

Training Roads & Bridges Phase A
Fort Benning, GA

“I wanted to commend this group of men and women for their outstanding performance on a challenging project that has demanded the very best efforts from all involved.  The group was tested while facing a range of issues with the potential to impact the project. However, the combined Caddell  / US Army Corps of Engineers team worked together to achieve our shared goal of completing this vital work on-time and at a high level of quality.” Brian Hilton, P.E. / Sr. Project Engineer / Savannah District

"I greatly appreciate the partnering philosophy and cooperative attitude Caddell brought to this logistically difficult and technically challenging contract...Based on the excellent quality and overarching success delivered, I once again have the pleasure of commending Caddell on completing another major milestone at Fort Bennning."  George Condoyiannis, P.E. / Area Engineer for Fort Benning / Savannah District USACE 

D/B U.S. Consulate
Tijuana, Mexico

“With its high-profile and key role in U.S./Mexican relations, it was essential that the finished complex be built to exacting quality standards.  The fit and finish of the new consulate is impressive.  Various State Department personnel who have visited the site, including the consulate staff that will occupy the new buildings, have all commented very favorably on both the aesthetics and apparent efficiency of the new buildings.” On-site Project Director for U.S. State Department

“Molding an international group of subcontractors into a cohesive team is a formidable task. The potential for misunderstandings regarding language and culture is one of the biggest risks for this kind of project.  Caddell was sensitive to these issues; treated the Mexican workers and subcontractors with the respect they deserved; and was very successful in motivating everyone involved to give their best effort towards achieving shared project goals.”  Dagoberto Cedillos / INGENIERIA TERMEL  (prime mechanical sub)

D/B Warrior in Transition Barracks
Fort Campbell, KY

“We are now in the final stages of what I consider one of the most important projects we have built here at Fort Campbell—a new barracks customized to meet the special needs of our wounded warriors.  I am extremely proud of the new facility, as well as the design/build process and partnership that produced it.   Your project team has met this formidable challenge with integrity, skill, professionalism, and a high degree of concern for the quality, timeliness, and safety of their work.  

I have rarely seen a project so well organized and executed. You can be proud of what your team at Fort Campbell has accomplished.  They have worked as true partners with my office and earned the respect of my staff.”  Bryan Moser, P.E. / Area Engineer / Fort Campbell, Kentucky


D/B Federal Correctional Institution
Aliceville, AL

“Open and clear communications along with a clear commitment to the team/partnering concept have helped to develop a feeling of mutual trust and respect; which in turn has gotten this project off to an outstanding start.  Aliceville is one of the best projects in my 40 year career with the FBOP.” Darell Hainline / Aliceville FCI FBOP Contracting Officer.

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional level of partnering that is being displayed on this project.  The overall demonstration gave me a great deal of confidence in your team’s ability to perform at a high level.  It was truly a pleasure to work with your design and construction team.”  Rod Mitchel / Aliceville FCI Program Manager for Division 17.

D/B 108th ADA Barracks Complex
Fort Bragg, NC

“I have been involved in construction at Fort Bragg for more than 20 years, and can report that this has been one of the best organized and managed projects during my career at this Post.”  Ken Gray, P.E. / Fort Bragg Area Engineer

"Effective management of subcontractors was a critical element in maintaining the strict schedule, safety, and quality requirements.   I recall visiting the 108th site and observing close to 600 concurrent craftworkers in the field representing more than two dozen subcontractors.  All were fully engaged and intent on their tasks; the entire scene was apparently carefully coordinated; there were no loitering workers waiting for instructions; and the sense of organization, focus, and methodical planning was palpable.  This has been one of the best organized and executed projects of its kind during my tenure at Fort Bragg.   I would fight to work with this project delivery team again." Carl Gabzdyl, P.E. / Resident Engineer / Savannah District USACE

D/B FIRES Brigade Headqarters
Fort Bliss, TX

“I am pleased to commend your on-site project team for their outstanding performance in organizing and managing this challenging project.   The final Government CCASS performance evaluation of “Outstanding” was well-deserved and reflects the high level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by the individuals on your team.  In all of the important measures of project performance, this project excelled.”  John Moreno, P.E. / Fort Bliss Area Engineer

“Nothing receives more emphasis at Fort Bliss than safety and in that regard, Caddell likewise excelled.  The project posted 143,547 man hours without a single lost-time accident or OSHA recordable and in the third quarter of 2009, received special recognition for safety excellence winning the Fort Bliss Operation Reward Safety prize.” Rick Severson, P.E. / Area Engineer / Fort Bliss, Texas

D/B Soldier Reception & Processing Center
Fort Benning, GA

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to express my appreciation for the superior efforts of your project manager Monty Eddins and his entire team at the Reception Center.  It has been a process full of unexpected obstacles.  Due to the strength of our team and a determination to “think out of the box”, we have successfully worked through these challenges.  By all accounts, the Army is pleased with their new facility and I am likewise proud of what we have accomplished.”  Amy Vaughn, P.E. / Fort Benning Resident Engineer

D/B Combat Simulation Training Center
Fort Benning, GA

“Every design/build project of this scale and complexity will have the inevitable issues to be resolved and challenges to the project partnership. But most importantly, there has been the trust and confidence in the professionalism and integrity of each stakeholder to keep moving forward—even when all costs and responsibilities have not been officially assigned.  That is one of the truest indications of the strength of a project team.   We have worked through our issues; reached resolution through discussion and compromise; and never allowed the project to become endangered by dissension or distrust.   We worked towards the shared goal of getting this project built on-time and to the highest possible level of quality and user satisfaction.  I believe we certainly accomplished those objectives.”  Chad McLeod, P.E. / Project Engineer / Fort Benning

Macdill "Super" Clinic
MacDill AFB, FL

“As we are near to completion of the clinic itself, I did want to express my strong approval of the manner in which your project team has executed this project.  They have been true project partners and have demonstrated the teamwork, flexibility, competence, and commitment that this kind of complex initiative requires. In all of those areas important to project success, Caddell has excelled.” Captain Eric A. Green, USAF, BSC / Project Health Facilities Officer / Air Force Medical Support Agency / MEDCOM / MacDill AFB, Florida  

D/B Airmen Dormitories
Tyndall AFB, FL

“I serve as the Chief of the Engineering Flight unit responsible for overseeing all new construction and upgrades at this base.  Your on-site project team performed in an exemplary manner in the design/build of a new dormitories complex—an initiative that I would rate as among the very best and most problem-free of my nine year tenure here at Tyndall."  Ann Garner, P.E. / Chief, Engineering Flight / Tyndall AFB, Florida

“I want to commend your project team for their outstanding performance in the design/build of these new dormitories.  This initiative was a model of superior customer service, safety, quality, timeliness, and teamwork and has become a new benchmark for top quality construction services at Tyndall. The Air Force is extremely pleased with their new buildings, and I have been likewise very pleased with the process that brought us to this successful conclusion.”  Dale Campbell, P.E. / Resident Engineer / Mobile District USACE  


D/B U.S. Embassy
Ciudad de Panama, Panama

“I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the work of your company in the design and construction of a very impressive and highly functional new embassy complex.” Emile Corneille / onsite Project Director for U.S. State Department 

"This project demonstrated many of the best qualities of our nation in the precision and efficiency of its construction, the strong emphasis on a safe and healthy work environment, and the teamwork required among all project stakeholders including the State Department, your on-site project team, and local Panamanian subcontractors and craft workers.   A spirit of cooperation characterized this effort throughout, and made if possible to achieve so much in the two and a half years construction period."  William A. Eaton / U.S. Ambassador to Panama

Kelley Hill Barracks Complex
Fort Benning, GA

“Through unconditional focus and concern for the customer’s budgetary constraints, Caddell kept the project’s cost growth to less than 1%.  This figure, which is a fraction of the national average for a contract of this size, exemplifies your firm’s proactive problem solving approach and cooperative attitude.”  Richard English, P.E. / Resident Engineer / Kelley Hill Resident Office

“Your project manager, Monty Eddins, general superintendent, Mr. Jim Crawford, and their entire team made the “best interest of the project” their number one priority.  This was reflected in a cooperative, “can-do” attitude that addressed all of the challenges that a contract of this size and scope entails.”  George Condoyiannis, P.E. / Area Engineer for Fort Benning

D/B U.S. Embassy
Conakry, Guinea

“I will always remember this initiative as one of the most difficult but at the same time among the most satisfying during my time at OBO.   It required and received the best that each team member could give, and so provides much satisfaction in reflecting on what is possible when people rise to a great challenge.”  On-Site Construction Manager for U.S. State Department

"Our schedule was constantly under assault from the weather, labor unrest, and the inherent difficulties of importing all materials and equipment from the U.S.   Nonetheless, Caddell did what it took to bring the project in on-time, performing almost round the clock and at great intensity for the last nine months to achieve schedule compliance.   New techniques were developed to effectively circumvent problems with equipment, deal effectively with delays in deliveries, and work around the extremes of temperature, humidity, and rainfall."  On-site Project Director / U.S. State Department

Target Building / Neutron Spallation Source Project
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

“Perhaps most important to the successful outcome of this project has been the strong sense of teamwork that has pervaded the entire effort.  Caddell/Blaine, Knight/Jacobs, the SNS organization, key subcontractors, and the building trades’ craftspeople have worked together very effectively towards the common goal of getting this important facility on-line as soon as possible.  I am very proud of what our partnership has accomplished.” Daniel V. Quinn, P.E. / Knight/Jacobs Project Manager

D/B Combat Aviation Brigade Barracks
Fort Bragg, NC

“This project has been one of the outstanding successes of my 23-year career at Ft. Bragg.  I have been very pleased with both the final project and the process that brought us to completion." Allen L. Hand, P.E. / Resident Engineer / Savannah District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"The attention to quality control is apparent in the entire CAB complex which, I believe, is truly one of the finest barracks and operations complexes recently designed and constructed for the U.S. Army.   Most importantly, the Troopers that live and work in the CAB compound are extremely proud of their facilities.  Soldier effectiveness and morale have been significantly enhanced.  Wetlands preservation and unforeseen conditions complicated the site work; Caddell overcame this challenge and kept the schedule.   The CAB buildings fit perfectly into their multiple-site environment utilizing the natural beauty of the integrated wetlands and wooded areas." James A. Polhamus II / Master Planner / Directorate of Public Works / Fort Bragg, NC


D/B Hypersonic Flight Testing Laboratory
Arnold AFB, TN

“Caddell’s leadership in integrating design and construction, adapting the schedule to changing conditions, and maintaining superior quality has been the key to this project’s success…The design effort was often a voyage into uncharted waters.  Caddell worked closely with our design partners to adapt existing systems to state-of-the-art upgrades—always finding solutions that were cost effective and preserved schedule integrity.”  Willard C. Williams, P.E. / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District. 

 “Caddell can be proud of its role in molding diverse organizations and individuals into an effective project team that has helped keep our nation’s aviation systems at the cutting edge.” Greg Earl, Project Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District

D/B Bachelors Enlisted Quarters at Camp Johnson
Camp Lejeune, NC

“The Camp Johnson BEQ was an exemplary project from start to finish.  Caddell produced an excellent product and provided outstanding service.” Ken Lacy, P.E. / Supervisory Construction Manager for NAVFAC

“These new BEQs represent a significant improvement in the quality of life for the Marines that occupy the new facilities.  You can be proud of the performance of your on-site project team in responding to the urgency and importance of this project.  They have represented your company with honor and a high level of expertise.” Chris Saunders / LTJG, CEC, USN / Assistant Resident Officer in Charge of Construction / Camp Johnson


D/B New River 1 Bachelors Enlisted Quarters
New River MCAS / Camp Lejeune, NC

“The performance of Caddell Construction Co. was outstanding. Completion of the project on-time and within budget was made possible due to an experienced project management team and the spirit of partnership. Your management team performed with excellence.  Good communication between the design team, suppliers, subcontractors, base personnel, and our office ensured the resolution of conflicts and the timely completion of the project.  The Project Manager used his strong leadership, vast experience, and proactive approach to solve project problems and set the tone for the entire partnership.”  James Burns, ROICC / NAVFAC

U.S. Consulate
Istanbul, Turkey

“I have served as the on-site contracting officer for this ambitious project since inception and have worked closely with your project team.  Much of the success that we achieved in Istanbul can be attributed to the maturity, leadership, and hard work of your project team led by Swede Anderson.  We have asked Caddell to make some major modifications during the course of this initiative, including the addition of $2.3M in new Marine Guard’s Quarters and various security upgrades.  Caddell has efficiently integrated these changes into the schedule while keeping consequent costs under control.”  Eric Ries, OBO Istanbul Project Director and Contracting Officer’s Representative, U.S. Department of State. 

U.S. Courthouse
Columbia, SC

“I speak with confidence for our group of judges in noting the superior attractiveness, attention to detail, and functionality of the new building.   The courthouse represents a very significant upgrade from our present environment, and we are very pleased with both the design and its execution.”  Joseph F. Anderson, Jr. / Chief Judge, United States District Court, District of South Carolina.

"I am humbled by the prospect of entering a building each day that bears my name.  At the beginning of my legal career, my welcome into the halls of justice was often a different experience.  I marvel at the changes represented by this honor.   Particularly gratifying, is that this fine building exhibits such a level of quality and excellence that it will likely serve an important role in the justice system of South Carolina for many years to come. Again, congratulations to your project team and to all of the men and women who worked together to build this beautiful facility and important symbol of our justice system." Matthew J. Perry, Jr. / Senior U.S. District Judge

First Brigade Barracks Complex
Fort Bragg, NC

“Your own Caddell team always displayed a “can do attitude” and you remained steadfast in your commitment to provide our soldiers top quality facilities.  Our customer, the 1st Brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, is extremely satisfied with the end product and looks forward to using these first class facilities for years to come.”  Colonel Roger A. Gerber, Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Savannah District.

“Caddell has made an exemplary effort in understanding the uniqueness and special demands of a military barracks and headquarters complex.  The individual soldier was regularly consulted to ensure that the final project met his day-to-day needs…We view Caddell not as a contractor, but rather a partner in this project.  Our barracks is a lasting tribute to this partnership."  Col. John F. Campbell / U.S. Army / Commander, 1st Brigade.  


U.S. Courthouse
Greeneville, TN

“This project is a shining example that a project performed in a true spirit of partnering can produce a quality facility, which the American taxpayers, General Services Administration, the community, and the tenants of the facility will be proud of for many years to come.“ Ms. Donna Lamb / GSA Contracting Officer

D/B U.S. Penitentiary
McCreary County, KY

“I consider McCreary a model for overall construction team interaction for future new facilities construction, and will refer back to this project as an example of what is possible when men and women work together as professionals and partners.  This project has been marked by open communications, mutual respect for opinions and ideas, a willingness to compromise, and clear focus on the shared objective of getting the job done." Mr. Paul Epperson, FBOP On-site Supervisory Construction Representative at McCreary

“In beating the original schedule, completing with zero deficiencies and omissions, and achieving such a high level of FBOP satisfaction, Caddell has helped certify the efficiency and desirability of D/B for the FBOP.”  Ms. Lula Strunk / FBOP Contracting Officer (retired) On-site Contracting Officer at McCreary for first 18 months


Renovation & Expansion of VA Medical Complex
Memphis, TN

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the dedication, professionalism, and excellent workmanship that your company has demonstrated…Your efforts in developing innovative approaches to incorporating construction methods into this project were crucial to the success of this project.” William Totolo / Senior Resident Engineer

D/B Power & Desalination Plant
Ascension Island

“Caddell should be highly commended for the professionalism and dedication that their organization and project team have displayed throughout this project in working with both the Air Force and the Navy to help create a cohesive team…Caddell provided a high quality product that exceeded customer expectations, within budget, and on-schedule.  Their cooperation throughout the design and construction phases and their innovative approach to solving problems has been instrumental in minimizing changes and cost growth.” Anthony Zugay, Executive Director / Headquarters AFCEE

Sodium Chlorate Facility
Augusta, GA

“On behalf of Huron Tech, I would like to express appreciation for the efforts put forth by your company’s employees towards the expansion of Huron’s sodium chlorate facility in Augusta, Georgia.  We are especially proud of the fact that this expansion was achieved in record time and within budget.”  Robert L. Chastain / Chemical Operations Manager

McKinley Climatic Testing Laboratory
Eglin AFB, FL

“Caddell Construction is to be commended highly for their very outstanding performance throughout the entire project effort.  Their dedication to providing a quality product on time and within budget is exemplary…With the unprecedented cooperation received from Caddell, modifications were completed and the air make-up system placed in test-ready-mode to meet the owners Stealth Aircraft testing schedule…..Even higher accolades are in order for the splendid cooperation and professionalism displayed by the entire Caddell organization throughout the contractual relationship.” Charles R. Bolen / Area Engineer / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Mobile District

D/B Cooling Towers
Arnold AFB, TN

“It is my belief that this project with its many challenges is truly deserving of any construction award that has as its basis quality, innovation, performance, safety, and management.  Recognition of the this project would be a fitting crown on a very complex project and a fitting recognition of the tremendous effort put forth by Caddell.” John W. Rollyson, P.E. / Area Engineer / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / Mobile District

Fire Training Complex
Naval Air Stationt / Pensacola, FL

“Caddell did outstanding work in the timely completion of the Firefighting Training Complex.  Commitment to integrity with highly effective project management was the guiding principle for your firm’s successful execution of this contract.  Despite two major hurricanes and the requirement to build multiple unique facilities, your construction management and scheduling skills facilitated on-time completion.  Caddell should take great pride in their many accomplishments on this project.”  L.P. Scullion / Captain, CEC, U.S. Navy Commanding Officer.

Federal Correctional Institution
Manchester, KY

“Your overall construction efforts in the management of the many subcontractors and in the relations with members of my staff and those of the Government were exemplary.  The dedication and professionalism exercised by your company personnel surely will result in the construction of an outstanding facility completed on-time." L. Peter Meyer, P.E. / Construction Manager

New Commissary & Exchange
Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico

“Your achievements in the areas of quality of work, timely performance, effectiveness of management, and compliance with safety standards reflect great credit to your organization.  We know that Caddell takes great pride in this facility and again commend you for your work.”  Rob Sennet / Contracting Officer for AAFES

K-Reactor Thermal Mitigation Project
Savannah River Site / Aiken, SC

“Caddell demonstrated favorable and effective cooperation and working relationships with the other major subcontractor, especially when the two scopes of work physically connected to one another or when work spaces overlapped. Once again, this spirit of teamwork and cooperation was a  significant factor in enabling the overall project to be completed on schedule.”  G. Thomas Seeley / Project Manager for Westinghouse Savannah River Company